Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday fun

So I had such a great week last week! I had a teacher workshop on Monday, and then I had the rest of the week off from school! Tuesday I went with my mother to bring my sister to meet my aunt, and we did some shopping at AC more, for crafts she would like to do. Then i spent the rest of the night cutting and crafting. Wednesday morning till about 4:30 i spent crafting Christmas presents for everyone. I can't put pictures up because some of my family reads my blog. Then that night I had to go to work at the restaurant, and we were pretty busy. Thursday morning my mom dad and sister headed to Massachusetts, to have thanksgiving with my dad's parents and sister. I played Little Big planet on my sisters ps3 and i loved it! it is soo much fun. Then we ate and put up our tree. We have a tradition where we have a fake tree that goes up at my Nana's house. Every year that me and my four sisters have been born, we have gotten an ornament. When we were old enough to, we would head out to this wonderful store and pick out our own ornament for that year. We would get our names and the year put on the ornament and then they would go up on the tree. The deal is that when we have a family of our own, we will get all the ornaments. I took a picture of the tree and some fun ornaments to share with you

The tree consists of only Blue and Green lights as well. My awesome sparkly skate from i think 1997

My first ornament the baby booties! and a crazy gum drop ornament!

and a sweet Santa man!
I will have a nice array of ornaments for my first tree! I also can't wait to get my ornament in the mail from the Ornament exchange I participated in.
Then Friday at about 2am i headed out with my mom, younger sister, and best friend to Nashua for black Friday shopping! I really like to do this because it is an awesome experience, and they do have great deals. Everyone this year was so fun and funny everywhere we went, and we hit up a lot of stores. We arrived at Old Navy at about 3:30 am, went to 6 stores, and then our 7th and last stop was Walmart, and we arrived home at about 10:30. The time was really messing with my head. And then I slept forever!
Saturday Garrett and I attended a "friends" thanksgiving at our friends apartment. There were about 16 people there, and we all sat at a huge table and ate turkey and had fun. Garrett and I brought our homemade infused Pineapple Vodka, and it was a hit!!
It really was an awesome weekend, I hope everyone else had a great thanksgiving!
peace & love J-me

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