Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cyril's Quilt

Back on December 7th 2012, my sister had her son Cyril Seamus Myhaver. He is my first real nephew! I love him to death. At first they didn't want me to make him a quilt, but I was going to anyways. Then they saw a quilt that I made for my friends baby Cooper, and My sister's husband, Chris, said that he wanted me to make Cyril one. So it was a good thing I had already had one in mind! My sister and her husband are both Irish, and her husband is pretty proud of that fact, so I went with the Irish theme.
(Photo Credit) here is Cyril at 7 days young!

I had the top all finished the day that he was born but then I had to quilt it together. It took me longer then I had hoped but I think it was worth the wait. I hand quilted it because I like that look more and I feel like it means there was more love put into it. Christmas came so i was busy with that, and New years came next. But I got it done and I think he Loves it.

I hope it will be a blanket that he will use for a while and will drag around the house with him. I want it to be his baby blanket that my sister tells his girlfriends about when shes trying to embarrass him.

I just hope it gets lots of love and use :)

Do you think hes happy to have it?

 What a Cutie!

The back is an Irish Flag :)

 His room at my moms :)

Close up of the Stitching

I love giving out Baby Quilts. One more to go for now. My friend/coworker Sara had her baby yesterday 1/23/13 Teyton Zander, now time to embroider his name and finish that one!

Peace & Love 



Lauren said...

It's awesome. I like that it's not "baby" themed so he'll be able to use it forever and ever!

Anonymous said...

We couldn't have asked.for a better blanket for him. I'm sure it will be his favorite simply because it was made with so much love.