Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 5: Spring?

Hey Everyone!! So week 5 has come, i can't believe I have lasted this long! It's pretty exciting!

So it was very warm today!! Remember just last week I was posting about a snow storm and how it was still winter. Well that snow is melting and it is amazing out!!

Today my mom watched my nephew, Chase, and I did too because I was home most the day except a 2 hour shift at work. I woke up to him crying, and then i got to sped the day with him! We all went out for a walk because it was soo nice out!

I had a really fun day with him!

I also bought a bunch  of fabric last Monday because of a big sale at Joann's so mom and I washed our fabric today and then hung it out on the line to dry!! It looked really funny hanging out there with the snow on the ground too.

kinda cool with just the purple in focus!

Well I hope you liked the pictures!!

I promise to come back with some things that I have been working on craft wise too! I just need to take some pictures of them when they are completed!!

have a wonderfully warm week!!

Peace & Love- Jme

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