Friday, February 5, 2010

Sew-N-Tell Friday!

I'm so excited to share this with everyone. I made them for Lauren's birthday and although they are late getting to her by a few weeks im sad to say, she will have finally gotten them today so now i can share it with the sew-n-tell community.

She had asked me to make her a knitting needle case for her because she saw the one that i made my sister and wanted one herself so i made her one. This one was a little bit more complicated then the one that i made my sister. I made my own bias tape to make the edges look really nice, and then used some extra as ties.

Here is a picture of it all opened up. I used the tutorial found here, but with modifications. It only has 3 rows of pockets, because i think the fourth is just a bit too much and i have never found needles that long before. She also told me how she didn't have any circular needles so i bought her a pair of bamboo circulars. Her favorite color is purple, but i just thought of her when i was going through my stash and saw these pinks. I hope she likes it.

That is a close up of the  binding and fabric, with a pair of my needles in it.

I also made her a Yo-Yo braclett (tutorial found here) and necklace, i'm not sure how much she will like the necklace, i kinda went out on a limb with that one, but she can always give it away to someone else she might think will like it.

the necklace is made up of some white satin like fabric, and some black satin fabric yo-yo's and then i found the button in my stash of buttons and thought it would go perfectly!
Then the braclette is just white satin yo-yo's toped with green and purple buttons.

Well enjoy it Lauren! and i hope one day it will be full of needles!

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Peace & Love J-me


pinksuedeshoe said...

That bracelet is FANTASTIC. Ican't get over how cute it is. Makes me wish I had more large-ish buttons!

renecreates said...

Those are great hand made gifts. Thanks for sharing.