Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 10: Complete

Nana's Quilt is complete!! the top which we gave her for Christmas. It was finished for Easter when we went down and visited her.

We sneaked it into the basement to wash it up, and then hung it out on her line and got her to nitce by asking what type of flower was outside. She was so very excited!

I was too what a weight to get off my shoulders!! The quilt measured in at an 86 inch square! Biggest quilt I have done and I'm so happy that my mom and I made it together!!

Well here are some pictures!

Peace & Love J-me


Carla said...

Lovely and a big "way to go" for you.

Lauren said...

Awesome! Quite an accomplishment. Charlie and I just watched a movie and he covered himself with your quilt and then said "Jaimie hand stitched a lot of this didn't she?!" It took him 9 months but he appreciates your craftsmanship. :)