Thursday, September 9, 2010

giveaway sorry!

Hey everyone. Sooooo Sorry I know I said Tuesday I was going to announce the winner, but I got totally distracted painting my room, now that my younger sister is moved into college...I feel sooo old, but 22 isn't old is it?

Anyways I finally Walked into the craft room today and the prize to mail out was staring at me, as if it knew it was supposed to be in the mail already.

Well here we go:

The lucky winner is number 9, Carla who said "Who exciting to get your shop up and running! I love the Key Fobs you made"

unfortunately, my fault, i forgot to ask for  e-mail addresses! whoops. So Carla if you see this, please shoot me an e-mail at, with the subject giveaway winner. Please send me your mailing address!

Here is a picture of what you will be getting!

And look what came in the mail: So exciting!!!!

Amy Butler, lotus wallflower in pink!!!!
so exciting!

Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow for sew-n-tell

Peace & Love J-me

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